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TPU Characteristics

The Characteristics of Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer (TPU) will be affected and changed by the Compose of Material, Polymer Level and the difference of the crystalline structure. By generally, it's characteristics are following:


  • The life of the finished products must be longer due to the best Abrasion Resistance and better Mechanical Strength.
  • Higher Flexibility Resistance
  • Excellent Low Temperature Property
  • Highly Tensile Strength
  • Posses Equilibrium Characteristic
  • Excellent Elasticity and Softness, the good effect of sound_proof and vibration resistance.


TPE/TPR Characteristics

GEMINI-TPR is called Thermoplastic Elastomer that is also called TPE or TPR for short. It specifically designs for injection Application. It has equal Physical Property of Vulcanized Rubber & Thermoset Rubber and Thermoplastic Characteristics which include easy producing & economy benefits. Therefore, we can use it at the lower cost and be able to replace the traditional application for rubber finished products. We summarize as below:


  • Easy to produce, can be 100% recycled, reduce production cost.
  • Able to Replace PVC
  • Good Weathering Resistance & Low Temperature Property
  • Anti-slip Characteristics & Seal Up Characteristics
  • Oil Resistance & Chemical Resistance
  • Vibration Resistance & sound_proof
  • Softness & Elasticity feeling
  • Beautiful Outlook & Changeable Sample Design
  • Possess Certificate of FDA
  • Raise the commercial cost of the products