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TPE characteristics



GEMINI-TPE is called Thermoplastic Elastomer that is also called TPE or TPR for short. It specifically designs for injection Application. It has equal Physical Property of Vulcanized Rubber & Thermoset Rubber and Thermoplastic Characteristics which include easy producing & economy benefits. Therefore, we can use it at the lower cost and be able to replace the traditional application for rubber finished products. We summarize as below:


Physical Properties

  • Easy to produce, can be 100% recycled, reduce production cost.
  • Able to replace PVC
  • Good Weathering Resistance & Low Temperature Property
  • Anti-slip Characteristics & Seal Up Characteristics
  • Oil Resistance & Chemical Resistance
  • Vibration Resistance & Sounds_Proof
  • Softness & Elasticity feeling
  • Beautuful Outlook & Changeable Sample Design
  • Possess Certufucate of FDA
  • Raise the commercial cost of the products